Dr. Mist Deodorant Spray 50 ml


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Dr. Mist deodorant spray utilizes pure water, concentrated salt and minerals (found in the Dead Sea). This formulation uses the principle that a fluid spray evaporates faster than ordinary water. Once the fluid evaporates, it leaves a thin layer or residue of very fine powder – a combination of salt and minerals on the skin.  The fine powdery residue covers the epidermis and acts as a bactericidal shield that effectively kills off any bacteria living on or coming into contact with the skin.  Dr. Mist can also be used to help cleanse cuts and wounds.

–  Colourless and stain free
–  Alcohol free
–  Aluminum free
–  Fragrance free

De-ionized water 92.044%, sodium chloride, calcium, magnesium

Suggested Adult Use:
Shake bottle before use.  Spray once or twice on clean skin and blend with hands to dry and cover desired area.

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