Flora Organic Elderberry Crystals 50 g


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Flora organic elderberry crystals can be mixed with water or into your favourite juice or smoothie for a healthful, convenient, and delicious boost when you feel the symptoms of seasonal issues coming on.

–   Used in herbal medicine to promote sweating, to help relieve fever (in cases of common cold)
–   Used in herbal medicine to help relieve symptoms of colds/flu (such as coughs, sore throat)
–   Used in herbal medicine to help relieve joint pain associated with conditions such as arthritis
–   Provides antioxidants

Ingredients (per 5 grams):
Organic European Elder Berry Juice Powder     1 g

Suggested Adult Use:
Dissolve 5 grams (4 heaping scoops) of powder in water or other beverage.  Take once daily.
Children 5 years and older:  Dissolve 1.25 grams (1 heaping scoop) of powder in water or other beverage.  Take once daily.

Keep in dark places without direct sunlight. Store at room temperature. Refrigerate for optimal freshness after opening. Replace the cap tightly after use as elderberry powder readily absorbs moisture when exposed to air.

Consult a health care practitioner 1) prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding 2) if symptoms persist or worsen. Hypersensitivity (e.g. allergy) can occur, in which case, discontinue use. Discontinue use in case of gastrointestinal upsets, such as abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. Diuretic effect may occur.

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