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MSPrebiotic delivers the highest concentration of resistant starch and is the only supplement-grade source available on the market. This patented natural prebiotic contains gently dried, peeled potatoes, labels as dietary fiber and is grown, processed and packaged in Canada. Supported by over a decade of clinical research demonstrating increases in endogenous healthy bacteria, increases in butyrate, and metabolic improvements.

Resistant starch is the most widely consumed prebiotic in history. Resistant starch refers to all starches that are not digested by the time they reach the large intestine. Resistant starch type 2 is a natural, unmodified type of resistant starch found in certain fruits, vegetables, and grains.

– Gluten free, non GMO, FODMAP friendly, caffeine free

Ingredients (per scoop/10 g):
Solanum tuberosum extract  10 g

Nutrients (per scoop/10 g):
Calories  30
Carbohydrates   8 g
Fibre   7 g

Suggested Adult Use:
First time users, begin with a 3.5 g dose (1 tsp – see line in scoop) per day mixed into 80 ml of water or your favourite beverage.  Gradually increase your daily dosage as needed.  Do not exceed 30 g per single dose.  Do not exceed 60 g per day.  Do not heat or mix with hot beverage.  Store in a cool, dry location.

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