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Quantum SuperLysine+ Cold Sore Treatment 7g


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Super Lysine+® Ointment trims healing time of cold sores by half.  It helps soothe and moisturize as well as relieving pain, burning, and itching caused by cold sores.  Ingredients include menthol that helps relieve pain quickly, the amino acid lysine, calendula to help calm irritated skin, and zinc oxide to help inhibit viral replication.

Olive oil 78%
L-Lysine 1.28%
Zinc Oxide .99%

Non-medicinal Ingredients:
beeswax, echinacea, mixed tocopherols concentrate, goldenseal powder, honey, tea tree oil, propolis wax extract, melaleuca leucadendra cajuputi leaf essential oil, styrax benzoin gum, calendula flower extract,  retinyl palmitate, cholecalciferol, menthol

Suggested Adult Use:
Apply every 2 hours until cold sore resolves, up to 10 applications per day.  Apply using a clean fingertip.  Wash hands after application.  Store at room temperature and avoid excessive heat. Close cover tightly after each use.

For external use only.  Avoid contact with eyes.  Sensations of burning, stinging, itching, and tingling may occur.  If symptoms persist, contact a health practitioner. 

Note:  We are only able to ship this item within Canada.

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Dimensions 8 × 3 × 10 cm
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